A business committed to being the best by providing the best

Quality Policy

We strive to achieve customer expectations in quality of our products and services as we ensure that client’s expectations are realistic, achievable and clearly understood. We always respect confidentiality before, during and after all Projects.

Our Quality levels are maintained through an established & documented process and are implemented by incorporating Quality Management System thereby continually improving effectiveness.

Safety and Health in work place

Safety is our priority in path of productivity. We fulfil our commitment to society and the Environment by complying with all regulatory & statutory requirements

Our people are our most valuable asset and thus we are always aware of the safety and health at work.

Handling, Storage, Packing and Delivery

All materials, goods and products are handled in a way that prevents damages and deterioration during storage, processing and delivery. Appropriate equipment is used to transport materials from point to point.

Designated storage areas are provided for incoming material, spares and finished products. The methodology of storage prevents damage or deterioration of products in the Company. The subsequent movement of material is controlled through the application of established procedures and defined authority levels.

Issue of receipt details of products are recorded to ensure that products used can be accounted for and to ensure that adequate stock levels are maintained. Where appropriate product is stored in a manner that facilitates issues on first-in first-out basis. All stores are periodically checked to verify the condition of the products in stock.